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Mikoto uchiha sharingan

His brother Izuna was said to be equally good. Looks just like Sasuke. The descendants of Indra, the elder son of the Sage of the Six Paths, the Uchiha were once renowned as one of the Hidden Leaf Village's most powerful clans.

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Mikoto uchiha sharingan

Obito was too late to save Rin, and watching her die awakened Kamui, the power to instantly teleport where ever he wanted to. The Proud Elite : Emphasis on "Proud". KIQ Edition Mikoto Version Alongside Yashiro and Tekka Uchiha, Inabi questioned Itachi Uchiha about his whereabouts during the time when Shisui Uchiha supposedly committed suicide. Blondes Have All the Fun 3 Edition What are you doing here? Rin Version

It contains the information necessary for you to have an easier experience here. Yanamaka Version Brunettes Have All the Fun Edition She wasn't anywhere to be found in the Uchiha compound and this pissed him off and scared him at the same time. The fact that most of those sounds were from his mother blew his mind and it was too much for him to take. Although she was Itachi's mother, she, like other clan members, grew suspicious of his strange behaviour toward the end, but regardless of that, she still cared deeply about her eldest son, offering comforting words before allowing herself and her husband to be killed by Itachi himself. Konan Version Burying the Hatchet Edition

Thanks for reading and please review. Thank you. In an instant, Itachi instinctively destroyed the rubble to save Sasuke and Mikoto, surprising her with his display of strength. Here's another group of settei. Mikoto was a good friend of Kushina Uzumaki, Naruto's mother. She loved her sons deeply and knew how to help them with their problems. Kuzehiko , Apr 3, The parents of Sasuke and Itachi. See Obito Uchiha. Parents' Students Edition

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Why is this so meaningful? It's All About Me : This is the defining trait of the clan. In the large box: "wakaki Sarutobi Hiruzen," Sarutobi Hiruzen in his youth. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. Karyu Endan , Apr 6, Shisui Uchiha. Before the founding of the Hidden Leaf, they had an infamous rivalry with the Senju clan that spanned countless years, all the way back to the era of the very first shinobi. Bite Me Edition Fed up with Itachi, the men asked Fugaku who had just arrived, to issue the order to arrest Itachi. Hot Nurse Edition

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Itachi Uchiha. Ice Blue Edition Thanks for reading and please review. Why is this so meaningful? I've been wanting to do a Mikoto one for a while now. Exotic Eye Designs : Sharingan, especially when they get into their Mangekyo stages, which have their own unique design for each user. It looked like his eyes had twitches. Sannin Edition

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Kagami Uchiha. Pissed that he had to halt his training so he could kill his brother to find his mom and scared since she was the only Uchiha left besides himself. Next Generation Edition At one point, in order to cheer Sasuke up, she says that when she and Fugaku are sometimes alone, Sasuke is all he talked about. So Mikoto is not a native Uchiha member, she married into the Uchiha clan right? Now Mikoto Uchiha was a very kind soul to everyone in the village, some say she couldn't harm a fly. Paper Cranes Edition Rock, Paper, Scissors Edition Obito was too late to save Rin, and watching her die awakened Kamui, the power to instantly teleport where ever he wanted to.

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Cherry Blossoms Petals Edition Bad Girl Edition Flower Girl Edition Rin Version Slug Edition Naruto Episode Yum-Yum Edition What Sasuke saw stunned him and scared him a bit too. His great rivalry with his brother led to him being one of the first members of the Uchiha Clan to unlock the powerful Mangekyou Sharingan. Emi Sagara.

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